Protect your corporate network from hard-to-detect cyber threats

Vaultry helps you identify unauthorized applications – like overused license registrations, cracked software, and unapproved freemium programs – that pose serious risks to your company.
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Vaultry alerts you to risky applications to help prevent data leaks, reputational damage and non-compliance issues.

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The trillion dollar threat to corporate networks

The use of unauthorized applications often exposes organizations to cyber threats.

For example, unlicensed software – where legitimate agreements have been exceeded – may appear trivial. However, this means the latest security patches and upgrades that fix vulnerabilities are not included, leading to serious risks.

If undetected, these programs can lead to serious financial losses as a result of data leaks, malware, ransomware or reputational damage.

In fact, data loss and downtime due to Shadow IT security breaches cost companies approximately $1.7 trillion each year.


of cyberattacks were due to shadow IT


of illegally downloaded software is infected with malware


of Fortune 100 companies are using some kind of unlicensed software


of all businesses and organizations were hit by ransomware in 2021


of individuals and teams use unauthorized software in their daily work


of business users are not paying for software

Vaultry helps mitigate cyber security risks

For IT managers and admins

Vaultry helps you detect:

  • Cracked software
  • Non-genuine license registration
  • Unapproved freemium programs
  • Key generators
  • License overuse
  • Torrented software

Vaultry in 4 steps

How Vaultry works

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Get started
Install Vaultry on your network
Monitoring starts
The software start monitoring your devices
Get notified
Once discovered, Vaultry alerts stakeholders
Take action
Remove and resolve the potential threat

Plans to suit any organization

Unauthorized software detection for IT managers and admins.



Protect up to 100 devices

Monitor 100 devices
Protect one domain
Community support


Protect up to 1000 devices

Monitor 1000 devices
Protect 3 subnets
E-mail support


Complete integration

Complete protection
Assisted installation
24/7 support

Why Vaultry?

Easy to use

The simple dashboard allows you to see potential threats at a glance

Fast set up

Within 30 minutes, you’ll have Vaultry installed and ready to protect your network


At only $8 to $15 per device, Vaultry is incredibly cost effective